Killerton revisited

On my next visit to Exeter the weather was beautiful, it was the first week of September and this is one of my favourite times of year for going outside nice and early, the air is usually crisp and the temperatures are a bit more bearable (I don’t do well in humid heat).

I decided to stroll around the wider grounds first, and headed over to the pond, where I found these lovely views

view view2

and some wasps digging this massive hole!


As far as I know, this isn’t a common sight, so despite that upon seeing a singular wasp, I will do a little wavy-dance with a magazine and shoo it towards the nearest window whilst sporadically ducking, I was so entranced that I stuck my face right in the hole, protected only by my camera. They were all very busy and so left me alone, I would love to have seen what the inside looked like, though. I managed to take some videos:

It was quite fascinating watching them work away, scraping off lumps of the thick red soil and dumping it anywhere from 2 – 20 feet away in the long grass.
This one had bitten off more than he could, er, carry, and had to abort mission temporarily…

I went inside the house this time as well, and although Killerton was originally built as a temporary building, it’s one of the first NT properties I’ve ever walked into and thought; “I could move in tomorrow!”.

From the airy and spacious living rooms (although I think my favourite was actually a hallway), to the lovely library, elegant drawing room and pretty views from the upstairs bedrooms,the whole house had a lovely feel to it.

library hall

I then spent some time in the garden, where a lovely cat who I later found out is named Santana came to have a snooze on my lap, and pose handsomely for the camera

cat selfiekillerton kitty

I also explored the Deer park, which had a huge fallen tree with a bough that looked like a weedy sea dragontreeseahorse1

And some rather attractive mushroomsfungis

Sadly once again it was time to leave, although the same evening we also had our first trip to Exeter Quay.

Do let me know if you’ve ever seen any wasps, or indeed any other insects, animals, birds or fish behaving strangely..!


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