Killerton House and gardens

I’ve just realised that my posts are getting quite National Trust orientated, but this is because I have a volunteer card to use, time to kill and not much money – so I spent a lot of time, during the period when Pat had started his Phd things but we were still living in Sussex, in National Trust places and buildings.

I’ve visited Killerton on a few occasions, partly due to it’s proximity to the road to Sandy Park, and partly because the weather was lovely and Killerton has some beautiful walks and gardens.

The first time I visited Killerton I spent a full hour taking photos of the flowers, butterflies and bees in their garden (and probably looking quite strange)…

2beesbutterfly and bee small copper3bumble close

I then went for a stroll around the rest of the grounds, encountering some wicker-deer sculptures

wicker deer
..’Ladycott’ – a summerhouse that has been home – at different times – to a Bear cub and 3 teachers looking for peace and quiet away from school children evacuated to the main house.


An Ice House ‘hidden’ in a rockery


And a family Chapel, with a lovely art installation of poppies by a local school to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the First World war


I also took a detour to the shop and found that Killerton had it’s own honey – after seeing the lovely flowers the bees had access to I decided to buy some and wasn’t disappointed – yum!

By then it was time to meet Pat and go back to Sussex, but I decided I must go back the next week when we were back.


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