First Forays and Explorations in Devon

My initial exploring around Exeter and surrounding Devon, was actually  done in the two or three days here and there Pat and I visited in August and September before moving, and largely I was alone. This by itself was rather novel for me, I’d often gone on holiday by myself when I was 18-20 (which other people never ceased to find disturbing, I remember being asked in a restaurant if I was sure I “only want a table for one” – I replied “Unless you’re going to join me, yes, it’s JUST ME”) however since then Pat and I had gone everywhere together, so I found myself turning to point out interesting things to thin air, or on a couple of embarrassing occasions random members of the public.

To remedy this I ended up taking many, many photos to show Pat what I had seen. I should point out I take many photos whether he’s there or not, on a day out it’s not unusual for me to take 500+ if there’s a lot going on, but I started to take basically poor quality photos of odd things, like these two, an old fire extinguisher and a shiny penny in some mud….

IMG_8876 IMG_8928

Most of the places I went back to with Pat the next day or later on in the year, and he had to endure having all these things pointed out to him again, but he loves it really.. probably.

It’s occurred to me I’ve now rambled on for too long to make this a post about a particular place, so I’ll wrap this up and move on to a new one.

I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced any ‘interesting’ reactions whilst travelling alone? Do let me know. 🙂


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